Shade sails

Since its development in 2009, Ingétex's shade sail represents the affordable and sustainable solution to protect from the sun. Shade sails significantly reduce exposure to UV rays and heat, while still allowing air to circulate.

This type of structure is ideal for childcare centers, and over 40 such centers across Quebec are part of our project repertoire.


  • Variety of colors available
  • Triangular or rectangular shape
  • Architectural design
  • Custom size, up to 100 feet
  • Can be integrated with existing developments or as a new installation
  • Unique technology ensuring column stability
  • Resistant to high-density wind
  • 100% Quebecois product
  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • 5-year warranty on materials and installation
  • Annual installation and maintenance service
  • Competitive prices
  • Sunlight study included
Sunshine study included

An overview of our projects


  • “Already seven years since we acquired the 6 shade sails to protect our children and educators who are facing south in the CPE La Cachette. They are still impeccable, no break in spite of the strong wind blowing, because we are adjacent to the large parking lot of the hospital Cité de la Santé de Laval. I recommend these products for their hardness and especially for their effectiveness. The canvases cover large spaces and allow to have the least possible obstacles in the yard. The pole protectors are still in very good condition. Congratulations to the designers and thanks for the installation and storage service.”

    France Brazeau, Executive Director, CPE La Cachette
  • “We have been enjoying our shade sail for four years now. Thanks to it, our little ones have fun under the sun, without worries! We are very satisfied with Ingetex's service; fast and effective; always available to answer our questions, providing us with sound advice. We recommend them warmly.”

    Diane Bargone, Assistant Director, CPE Rosamie
  • “We purchased our sun protectors 7 years ago. The protectors are still in excellent condition and provide shade from direct sunlight. Customer service has been friendly, professional and efficient and would highly recommend Ingétex.”

    Maria Cotsomitis, Executive Director, MGH Childcare Centre
  • “Mr. Perrault is very concerned about the satisfaction of his customers. Always courteous and professional, with a friendly smile. He takes the time to listen to our needs and reacts quickly with a quality product. A big thank you for your availability.”

    Kathy MacLeod, Assistant Director, CPE des employés de Bombardier Aéronautique
  • “Eight years ago, we installed shade sails in our outdoor courtyards to increase shaded areas. Without being completely opaque, they are very effective at creating shade while being decorative. It is a product that I can recommend without hesitation.”

    Lucie Chabot, Executive Director, CPE Le Sablier

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